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Pinestead-Reef Resort, Traverse City, Michigan

Annual Meeting Minutes


Date: November 11, 2018

Present: President Hawley, Vice President Sporte, And Treasurer Vahlbusch, Directors: Adams, Beauchamp, Dombrowski, Kehrwecker and General Manager, Thaxton 

Absent: Secretary LaPointe, Director Ruopp


I.          Call to Order:  Mark Hawley, President

President Hawley called the meeting to order at 10:35 a.m. at the Elks Lodge, Traverse City, Michigan.  The Owner’s Association members were welcomed and each member of the Board was introduced.


II.        Nominating Committee: Mark Hawley, President

President Hawley introduced candidates Bill Adams and Bill Carpenter (candidate Lapointe absent) and mentioned that Mr. Ruopp was not running.  There were 3 open positions on the Board of Directors, with 3 candidates running for those seats.  President Hawley introduced a motion to elect the three candidates by acclimation.  The motion was seconded and passed.  Incumbent Directors Adams and Lapointe, as well as newly elected Director Carpenter will serve a three year term.


III.       Proposal Discussion/Call for the Vote: Mark Hawley, President

President Hawley confirmed that the Special assessment/Proposal I was passed.  He asked if there were any present that still wanted to submit their votes.  John Bouwmeester was asked to provide the vote totals and confirmed that out of the total number of votes cast 85% voted “yes” and 15% voted “no”.  President Hawley opened the floor for question and/or comments on the special assessment.


IV.       Secretary's Report: Mark Hawley, President

Minutes of the 2017 Annual Owner’s Association Meeting were available for all in attendance.  President Hawley mentioned the highlights of the minutes and asked if there were additions, subtractions or corrections.  None were noted.  President Hawley asked for a motion to accept the minutes of 2017 Annual Owner’s Association Meeting.  A motion was made and seconded.  The motion was passed.


V.        Treasurer's Report:  Richard Vahlbusch, Treasurer

Treasurer Vahlbusch mentioned that copies of the proposed 2019 budget were available.  He highlighted the Capital budget and mentioned the importance of the special assessment and its impact on the budget.  Treasurer Vahlbusch asked if there were any questions on the budget.  He made a motion to approve the budget.  Motion was seconded and passed.


VI.       Building and Grounds Committee Report: Richard Vahlbusch, Committee Chair 

Chairman Vahlbusch mentioned the upcoming room refurbishments, and that the fire suppression of the west end roadside corridor was completed.  Also completed were the drawings for the west end enclosure with the drawings for the east end enclosure currently in the process of being engineered.


VII.     Manager’s Report:  Gary Thaxton, Manager 

Manager Thaxton thanked everyone for approving the special assessment to be able to move forward with the roadside enclosure.  He explained that the maintenance fees will be billed out in November and the special assessment will be billed out in June, 2019.  Manager Thaxton presented a list of projects that were completed over the years without any special assessments (i.e. new lobby entrance, installation of fire suppression system, canopy, new roof, new stainless steel hot tub, new guest laundry, smoke detection system, fiber cement railings, bayside siding)

Manager Thaxton mentioned that the new enclosure of the roadside corridors will be the biggest improvement to be made to the building.  He stated that the west end is projected to be completed in the spring of 2019 and the east end sometime in 2020.  He highlighted the fact that once completed; the project will give us a uniform look and far better curb appeal.  He also detailed the work required to establish the enclosed corridors and mentioned the advantages of protecting the hallways from the weather, especially the snow in winter.

Manager Thaxton stated that 5 more hotels are slated for Traverse City and a couple of them have the condo style units.  He reviewed our occupancy numbers over the past year and went over the RCI report card, mentioning the improvements since the early days.  He confirmed that PRR continues to achieve the Silver Crown status.

He closed by once again thanking those present for approving the special assessment.


VIII.    Questions and Answers:  Board of Directors and General Manager

 President Hawley opened the floor for questions and comments from the ownership:

 -          Q – “Is PRR a smoke free facility?”

A – Manager Thaxton:  Yes, it is.  It is OK to smoke outside on balconies and on the deck and exterior hallways until they are enclosed.

-          Q – “How are you planning to handle smoking of marijuana?”

A – Manager Thaxton:  The smoke detectors detect cigarettes and vaping, but do not detect marijuana.  He suggested calling the office if the aroma was bothersome, especially to those with asthma.  The legalities of smoking marijuana are still being worked out.  Mark Hawley explained that one of his condo communities took smoking of any kind to a vote and it was passed by the owners to not allow smoking of any kind.

-          Q – “Can we change the date of the Annual meeting?”

A – Manager Thaxton:  We chose this time of year so that different owners may attend the meeting.  The room rates are much lower in November compared to September and October.  We had an Annual meeting downstate many years ago and may have to look to see if that is feasible to do again.

-          Q – “When was the last assessment?”

A – Manager Thaxton:  Our last assessment was in 2007 and before that in 2002.

-          Q – “Do we have to go through Fred Weber to sell our units?”

A – Manager Thaxton:  No, you can sell your unit on your own without using Fred.

-          Q – “How many units are Pinestead owned?”

A – Manager Thaxton:  Pinestead currently owns 241 units.


-          Comments:

“Owners are very appreciative of Gary and are thankful for all the work he does.”

“The voting system in place at PRR is one of the best.”

 X.        Adjournment:  Mark Hawley, President


President Hawley thanked everyone for attending and adjourned the Annual Owner’s Association Meeting at 11:35 p.m.



Respectfully submitted:                                                                      Attested:

 __________________________                                                    _________________

John J. Bouwmeester                                                                      Mark Hawley, President



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