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Pinestead-Reef Resort, Traverse City, Michigan

Association Rules & Regulations

    1.  ADOPTION

    These rules and regulations were adopted by the Board of Directors of the Pinestead Reef Association on January 1, 2006.


    Violations of state laws or local ordinances on Association premises shall constitute violation of these Rules and Regulations.  The Association shall enforce the provisions of the vacation leases, the Bylaws, and these Rules and Regulations.


a)  The Association or its duly authorized agents shall have access to each Vacation Unit and any common elements from time to time, during reasonable working hours, upon notice to the tenant thereof, as may be necessary for the maintenance, repair or replacement of any of the common elements. The Association or its agents shall also have access to each Vacation Unit and any common elements at all times as it may be necessary to make emergency repairs to prevent damage to the common elements or to another Vacation Unit. The Association may gain access in such a manner as may be reasonable under the circumstances and shall not be liable to such tenant for any necessary damage caused thereby or for the repair or replacement of any doors or windows damaged in gaining such access.

b)  Check-in time shall be at 4 p.m. on the day of arrival, check-out time is at 11 a.m. on the day of departure.

c)  Members leaving their vacation units in an unsatisfactory condition upon check-out shall be charged a minimum $50.00 special cleaning fee.


    None of the restrictions contained in this article, by laws or unit leases shall apply to the commercial activities of the Association for the purposes which may be deemed by the Board in the interests of the Association.  The Association shall have full right to utilize any portion of the common areas for office or other purposes reasonably related to property management and the interests of the Association.


    No tenant shall, except in an emergency where required to prevent damage or injury to property or persons, do any of the following:

    a)  Make improvements, decorations or repairs to the unit or the common furnishings or contract to do so, or subject the unit or the common furnishings to any liens for the construction of improvements, decorations or repairs;

    b)  Create or permit to exist any nuisance in the unit or commit waste with respect to the unit, or permit anything to be done or kept in the unit which would increase the rate of insurance upon the unit or common furnishings;

    c)  Maintain or permit to be maintained any animal in the unit or upon the premises without the written consent of the association; the preceding does not apply to guide dogs as permitted by law;

    d)  Display any sign advertisement or notice of any type and not to erect any exterior antenna or aerials except with the prior written consent of the association;

    e)  Use the unit for any purpose other than for the exclusive occupancy of the tenant, his immediate family, guests, servants and sub-tenants approved in writing by the Association in advance.  Not more than ten (10) people may occupy two (2) and three (3) bedroom units; no more than six (6) people may occupy one bedroom and studio units;

    f)  Use or permit the unit to be used for any unlawful, improper, immoral or offensive purposes nor to permit any disturbance or annoyance detrimental to the enjoyment of the adjoining units or the comfort and peace of the occupants of the adjoining units and adjoining property.  To prevent noise, annoyance and hazards; motor bikes, dirt bikes, minibikes, snowmobiles,  go-carts and other such vehicles are not permitted to be operated on Association property.  Radio, television, tape and CD players or other electronic devices are to be kept at a volume which will not disturb others;

    g)  Assign or sub-let or part with possession of the unit or any part thereof without first obtaining the written consent of the landlord or the Association;

    h)  Do any act or engage in any practice that violates any rules and regulations of the State of Michigan Liquor Control Commission or would cause any violation of local, state or federal laws.  Offensive language will not be tolerated on Association property.  Under no circumstances will minors be served, or allowed to consume alcoholic beverages within the resort.  Illegal drugs will not be tolerated.  Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law;

    i)  Operate roller blades, inline skates and skateboards on Association property.  Off-road vehicles (ORV's), mopeds, or any other unlicensed motorized vehicles are prohibited on Pinestead Reef's premises.  It is recommended that bicycles be walked in the parking lot for safety reasons;

    j)  Use any charcoal or gas grills other than those provided by the Association.  Campfires and bonfires are not allowed at Pinestead Reef;

    k)  Leave vehicles or trailers overnight in the Association's parking lot when not occupying a unit;

    l)  Change oil or work on mechanical problems with their vehicles while parked on Association property;

    m)  occupy more than two (2) parking spaces with their vehicles (per unit).  Boat or snowmobile trailers count as one vehicle for parking purposes;

    n)  Perform any landscaping or plant any trees, shrubs or flowers or place any ornamental materials upon the common elements unless approved by the Association in writing;

    o)  Maintain any unsightly condition upon any balcony or deck and only furniture and equipment consistent with the ordinary balcony and deck use shall be permitted to remain there during seasons when balconies and decks are reasonably in use;

    p)  Smoking is not permitted in any guest room or enclosed area of the resort.  Smoking will be permitted in the parking lot, on the beach, and on the outdoor patio decks.  Violation of this policy will result in a special cleaning charge of $250.00 and access for future use of the unit, or subsequent unit weeks owned shall be prohibited until the special cleaning fee is paid;

    q)  Members may not allow usage of, or authorize access to the resort facilities (beach, pool area, VIP lounge, etc.) to non-members without the member being present.  When utilizing the resort, while not staying at the resort, members must register at the front desk.


    No lifeguard is provided at the pool or at the swimming area.  Swim at your own risk.  Children under fourteen (14) years of age must be accompanied by an adult when using the pool, whirlpool, sauna or exercise room..

    a) Pool

    Tenants may not use the pool area except during regular hours of operation.  No diving, jumping or running is allowed.  No glassware allowed.  Disorderly conduct is strictly prohibited.  No lifeguard on duty.  Swim at your own risk.  No smoking permitted in the pool area.  Babies in diapers must wear rubber pants which are available at the front desk.

    b) Swimming Area

    Lake swimming is permitted in designated areas only.  Swim at your own risk.  No person shall operate any type of boat or motorized vehicle through the designated swim area.


    Any damage to the equipment or any attempt to procure coins from the vending machines will result in prosecution of the persons involved.  The equipment placed in the game room and laundry areas is not the property of Pinestead Reef Resort.  Please inform us if a machine is out of order.  If there is any damage to the machines or equipment, please report it to the front desk.  No smoking is permitted in the game room or the guest laundry rooms.


    Initial enforcement action shall be taken by the Association staff and may include verbal or written warnings or fines not in excess of $250.00 for serious or repeated infractions.  Fines in excess of $250.00, action to suspend member privileges, or the assessment of damages against an owner in an amount greater than $250.00 shall be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors or a committee thereof vested with that responsibility before action is taken.

    The Board of Directors, or a committee thereof established for that purpose, may impose fines for violations of these rules not exceeding $250.00 for any one offense, may impose partial or complete suspension of membership privileges for a stated period, and may assess damages if property belonging the the Association is damaged by conduct constituting a violation of these rules.

Pinestead-Reef Resort, Traverse City, Michigan

Pinestead-Reef Resort
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