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Pinestead-Reef Resort, Traverse City, Michigan

Owner Use of Facilities and Rental of the VIP Lounge


          Current owners & In-House Guests (no general public usage) may reserve the VIP   Lounge for personal use (not business purposes), with advance notice and subject to availability.

Nightly Renters must pay the Lounge rental fee on top of the nightly rental rate.

The Lounge cannot be reserved during scheduled Pinestead Reef meetings, activities, etc.

The maximum occupancy of the VIP Lounge shall be limited to 25 people.

The VIP Lounge shall be available for use between the hours of 9 am - 11 pm. The maximum time allowed per reservation is 4 hours per day.

Guests are expected to clean up the VIP Lounge before departing.

Guests are responsible for providing their own dishes, utensils, party supplies, etc.

Owners must be physically present during the function and are not permitted to allow friends or relatives use of the VIP Lounge in their absence.



Less than 1 Hour:        No Charge

1 - 3 Hours:                 $75.00

3 5 Hours:                $125.00 (maximum of 5 hours)

The owner must check-in at the front desk prior to the start of the function and pay the applicable fees.


         Owners and their immediate family may use the Pool, Beach & Deck area facilities during normal hours of operation

         There shall be no charge to owners for usage of the Pool, Deck or Beach facilities

         Owners must check in at the Front Desk prior to using the Pool, Beach or Deck facilities

         Pool towels and locker keys will be provided as needed, and must be returned to the front desk

         Owners must be physically present to use the facilities, and are not permitted to allow friends or relatives use of the Pool, Beach or Deck area in their absence

         Owners are not permitted to "reserve" the Deck area for their exclusive use.  Other in-house owners & guests are to have free access to the Deck and grills at all times

         Owners will not be permitted to use the Deck and grills during regularly scheduled times for Pinestead Reef cookouts, activities or other functions

         Children 14 and under must be supervised by an adult at all times

* The above policy was adopted and approved by the Board of Directors on April 7, 2018


Pinestead-Reef Resort, Traverse City, Michigan

Pinestead-Reef Resort
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Traverse City, MI 49686
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